Old Twitter or New X Plattform apk

Are there any app into the f-droid UNIVERSE where someone made a App to connect my Account on X Plattform to a spamfree apk?

The founded Apps nitter or fitter or reotwe or slim social Twitter ar All not working since Elon Musk has changed its name.

that’s the reason they don’t work any more or because of the APIs?

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But yeah, the apps look very much broken :frowning:

Hi ok there are no programmers that will try to make a new App without any Spam to Google?

Most of the apps in the F-Droid Main repo don’t have anything to do with Google services, what do you mean?

Hi I mean the spam programming into every apk in google play store.

This is SpartaaaaF-Drooooooid!

What ever $hit they allow in Play, that’s up to Google. :person_shrugging:

If you’re comfortable using the official Twitter app, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of security to your account.

Elon Musk and that ahole at Reddit would NEVER restrict API access.

So, it has to be the name change to X.


On a serious note, out of curiousity I just tested Slim Twitter and it still seems to work. How much functionality is left is another story but simple usage seems to be there.

Tbh though, Twitter/X is nothing more than main stream media and porn, perfect mixture to suck people into their bs world lol Id avoid it, theres no upside.

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