Okay to unroot after installation of F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA?


can I unroot my phone after installing the F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA and it will just keep working, or do I need to be root every time I update or install an app from f-droid?

This is what I am referring to:
“Note: F-Droid requires root privileges to install Privileged Extension
as a system “priv-app”.”

It will keep working, yes


How did you install it?

I just flashed the F-Droid OTA like recommended, since I assumed that it is the best solution. But after reboot, I do not see f-droid in the app drawer. I followed the instructions “Flash F-Droid OTA” - do I have to install the f-droid apk in addition to the OTA?

By the way, following the installation instructions was a bit misleading for me since there is a big “Download F-Droid” button on F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository that downloads the apk instead of the OTA, so you have to download the zip from the versions below the button.
Since the apk has its own page, it does not make sense to me to include it on the OTA page unless I also need it?


Not really, as you need F-Droid Client itself to download, install, update apps.

Buuuut the OTA/extension/root part is Expert level like so you should be used to complex(er) situations.

If you are on Android 12 or later, I recommend you install Basic (https://f-droid.org/repo/org.fdroid.basic_160534.apk) instead, as it will do unattended updates without the need for the PrivExt or rooting.

/PS: the same capability will come to F-Droid Client itself after enough testing of the Basic version :wink:

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Oh, so it is just missing from the instructions then, thank you!

Should the privileged extension be visible somewhere in the system apps list? Because I don’t see it although it seemed to have sideloaded successfully. How can I make sure the privileged extension works?

How can I make sure the privileged extension works?

Install F-Droid Client and install an app…

:grin: I meant in a more technical way, but that could work, too.
My assumption was that it might work for now as long as I am rooted, but the privileged extension needs to be there so f-droid keeps working after the device is unrooted.

If unrooting does not delete the extension it should continue to work

Okay, but why is the extension not listed anywhere, shouldn’t it be under system apps? Also both “privileged extension apps” in f-droid show “Install” instead of Uninstall/Open, indicating they are not installed.
Downloading and installing apps works btw.

Does the install process popup a dialogue to install or pressing the blue button installs right away? (…after download I mean)

not that I know, no

After downloading there appears a pop up with “Do you want to install this application?”.

Go to Settings, toggle Expert, is the last option named “Use privileged extension” and toggled ON? If not… you did not install PrivExt ok :frowning:

Again, which Android version?

No, there is no such option after toggling to expert. It’s Android 11 (LOS). I am repeating the sideloading then.

Yeah, there are issues on Android 11 or later, maybe read: Installation of Privileged-Extension Failed (Insights on update-binary) (#75) · Issues · F-Droid / privileged-extension · GitLab

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Although TWRP showed no errors:

Starting ADB sideload feature...
Installing zip file '/sideload/package.zip'
Unmounting System...
Installing F-DroidPrivilegedExtension...
Installing F-Droid...

there still was no “Use privileged extension” option in the expert settings.

Checking for privileged extension in the android file system:

  • /system/priv-app is missing F-DroidPrivilegedExtension/F-DroidPrivilegedExtension.apk
  • /system/etc/permissions/ is missing permissions_org.fdroid.fdroid.privileged.xml
  • /system/priv-app/ is missing F-Droid/F-Droid.apk

So I followed Fix ota.zip (#81) · Issues · F-Droid / privileged-extension · GitLab moved the files where they belong, rebooted and now, “Use privileged extension” is in expert settings, no more separate install pop-up!

Thanks a lot @Licaon_Kter !

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