Offline updating apks from f-droid repo(s)?

Is there an app provisioning script, to run on gnu/Linux, periodically check a subset of apps for updates on f-droid repo(s); if found, download the new apks, then adb install them to usb-connected device(s)?

I’ve seen fdroid-dl, but don’t want to mirror the whole f-droid repo(s).

I’ve seen repomaker, but that’s also not it.

Motivation: 1) Convenient updates of Replicant devices without WiFi or Bluetooth, with limited data plans. 2) Reduce person-time and extra downloaded data when updating several tablets and phones.

Try or


fdroidcl will do nicely! Even comes in a debian package!! The only thing more I could want is for it to remember apps to not upgrade, by device, but then all I’d have to do is plug in cables. :smiley:

deplaydroid wants adb root, so that’s a no-go, for me. Edit: But it’s not on github, so that’s a plus…


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