"office hours" Thursdays @ 11:30 UTC

The F-Droid weekly meeting has been pretty inactive recently.
Starting this week, I want to try something new in the meeting slot (Thursdays @ 11:30 UTC): I’ll have “office hours” so anyone can come and ask any question, either via the regular chat channels, or realtime voice in https://meet.jit.si/fdroid

I’d be happy to have any and all @contributors join me as well, if you can make it sometimes.


Looking forward to this!

The nice thing about having the meeting in a text channel is that sometimes if you can’t make it at that time, you can still view the logs and reply later.
Link to logs for the chat channels are in the topic / header.

At other times real time discussion is nicer as well, do you plan to be in the channel regularly or as needed?

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I totally agree. I plan on still being in the channel, this isn’t a
replacement for that.

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Oh, missed it

Anything of note? :slight_smile:

I’ll do the same each week, as long as its working. So hope to see you
next week. I guess I should have also pinged in #fdroid-dev for the
regular meeting.

Notable is that long time contributor @pserwylo showed up and said hi.
He is the largest contributor on fdroidclient for example. And
@jochensp is working on getting fdroid build working in the Debian

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