Off to a bad start

While filling up my signup form I had to leave to compose and copy a pwd
but each time I clicked into the kate window the signup form vaporized. The 3rd or 4th time it hung in there OK.

My initially generated pwd was immediately accompanied by an evangelical annunciation to the effect that firefox would remember it for me. The last thing I want id pwd saved to disk, ever, that is to say in usable form or by anyone other my sweet self.

Is empowering such alerts a site function before it becomes a user one? I don’t wanna see any EXCEPT by email!

Ok, done, now we move on :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome.

Not sure about your situation with the “vaporizing login form”.

But if you don’t want Firefox to remember your passwords, you should configure your Firefox accordingly. That would not be an F-Droid issue as far as I can tell.

I meant exactly what I said. I carefully devise my passwords before pasting them into text boxes when signing-up and this process takes place in a text editor (Kate in this case but it could just as well have been Kwrite or Nedit). The problem was that as soon as I clicked into the text editor window the sign-up window in the web-navigator closed (and/or reverted to the previous page I can’t remember). Sign-up pages need to be designed to be rock solid until completed with a ‘Done’ button.

As for Firefox (the web-navigator used in this case) this ‘new’ notification’ PITA is a total non-feature. Just a minute ago as I loaded this page it barked two more uninvited ‘annunciations’ at me although I had already read the notification emails. What happens when someone like me uses any one of 8 web-navigators on any booted one of 7 OS’es? It’s gonna be a cathouse (except that FF’s days are already numbered becasue it too seems to wanna become a systemd of sorts instead on doing one thing but doing that well: loading web pages!

That is really puzzling; it sounds like you are describing Android’s habit of closing background applications to reduce memory usage – but Kate is not an Android application and you did not disclose the hardware / OS platform on which you encountered this issue. If it’s something like a Raspberry Pi with 1 GB of RAM then I am not surprised you are having such problems.

All browsers do that, so far as I know. You can generally disable it though.

You use this on Android and this on Desktop instead of a text editor, optionally keeping the password database on some external storage device if you prefer.

You might want to try Brave instead of Firefox; it’s not available on F-Droid but it is open source:

It ain’t on F-Droid because it contains proprietary dependencies in the form of Play Services library (and Chromium + fdroidserver is a notoriously difficult challenge).

Not often but I have seen weird behavior before, this was probably on a KDE desktop where non-kde apps are exhibiting increasingly irritating quirks. One example is Sylpheed which O love but which regularly pops a pwd dialog behind all the windows so you have to start moving them out of the way to finally discover why everything was just ‘waiting’. My desktop has 16gb ram, that’s not where the problem is. I don’t recall but I was likely using a Linux/KDE system (or XFCE).

Them pwd saving and now translation proposal puke-show (freakin’ butler that the master keeps tripping over) popups are default settings, and they are part of my problems with many web-navigators used except maybe TOR. Right now I’m using 9 such navigators (Brave included, top right panel)

and I could say that mozilla has been a steadily increasing source of grief at my end only partly because most defaults are NOT what I want but if I set up what I do want that it’s crash upon crash until I just delete the ./mozilla/whatever folder and launch to generate new defaults.

Anyway, I’m past this early prob, got me signed-up now and mouthing off as usual :slight_smile:

Chrome, chromium and Brave are no favorites here because a conventional menu bar (not a tab bar) is a deal-breaking requirement of mine. As I may have said I’m totally new to android or f-droid but the idea of trying an f-droid web-navigator is tempting if there is one that I could use on my Linux KDE or XFCE desktops. One of the reasons that I continuously cycle 9 navigators is that my relationship with all of them is extremely unstable.

Thanks for explaining this; even so I think it is the best choice for most Android users.

Yes I have noticed that Firefox has become more unstable.

Just to be clear, F-Droid is an alternative to the Google Play Store (meaning, it exclusively supports open-source Android applications and nothing else). However, I am looking forward to the next release of Dahlia.

last update 2022? what?

Not in F-Droid makes it less desirable :slight_smile:

I can’t say this, while it’s not perfect, I don’t recall the last time I saw it crash. mobile or desktop

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Yes I have noticed that Firefox has become more unstable.

I’ve been using it since Netscape and it saddens me to notice what has been becoming a problem; not wanting to throw rocks as such, the bottom line is that mozilla crashes in the last few years have outgrown the entire field met in the last 40 years and I’ve SEEN some deuces! I have no idea why but would like to know so that I might fix it.

Just to be clear… Dahlia

Yes, yes, but Dahlia and PureOS are both ‘poised’ to take on sPhone iron if I read my tea-leaves right, right? Besides Fuchsia is Google by any name so it ends right there for me!

Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC…

I haven’t used any web-navigators on my phone yet, gotta figure out the interfaces and I’m not up to that stage yet, on my desktop I reject everything that doesn’t AT LEAST offer a conventional menu as a GUI option, in spite of this I have tooled around with Brave a little.

I got an email with this in it:

  • The disappearing form is likely a bug with the website you were using
  • You can disable unwanted password saving prompts in Firefox settings.
  • Receiving a signup confirmation email is a standard security measure.

and a link to the posting:

Well the link doesn’t take me the reply received, I can’t find the 3 line-items above anywhere in the thread nor does the search-box come up with anything. So, I’m gonna do it here

The disappearing form is likely a bug with the website you were using

Could well be, could also be brain-dead site programming but neither of those improves my first experience

You can disable unwanted password saving prompts in Firefox settings.

Yes, unfortunately the defaults (almost all of them are not what I want), in this case I had probably just launched a reset instance.

Receiving a signup confirmation email is a standard security measure.

What I cited was a web-navigator popup, some new (and yet another unrequested) non-feature. What I want is exactly what you mention: CONVENTIONAL e-mail messages and I don’t wanna see web-navigators starting to do what wasn’t their vocation before i.e. requesting, receiving, and presenting a web page, period.

I save very little personal data to disk and avoid all password handlers like the plague or any form of cloud. But I do save yard-long text structs that help ME mentally reconstruct passwords with the help of a text editor and memorized formulae which only I know :slight_smile:

the user looked like a spammer unfortunately

Is this project dead?
Official support for RISC-V devices

Not exactly… Dahlia is a desktop OS, but I guess you could say that Flutter does support cross-platform development.

If you dont want those mail notifications for new posts you can disable them in your forum user settings.

No offense, but i think that’s insane… and modern cryptography makes it unnecessary.

It’s okay if you don’t understand how the forum works – but where was the spam?

Cute, the spam is still visible to the forum admins/moderators/etc… like myself

I honestly do not know which post you are referencing as spam. I make no profit from anything here.

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