Number above browser

These numbers has been above my browser for a long time. Can someone tell me what this number is? The number is sometimr 0 but it changest on different websites.

Atleast include the name of the browser you’re using. The photo is so blurry that it’s difficult to see the icon beside the number 60 to understand what it might be indicating.

Though I’m just guessing, it might be indicating the number of trackers or ads blocked per website. As you said, this number changes on different sites.

No matter what browser I use it has this number on top of it this is the mull browser. It could be the number of trackers. It’s been there for months. All of a sudden it appeared.

That is your network speed (upload and download). See the 2 arrows. Check in your settings within network speed or similar to locate the settings option. Turn off and then check and then to reconfirm turn on and then check.