Not able to use F-Droid NEARBY feature

My original motorola phone broke.
I thought I could use the “Find People Near Me” feature on the F-Droid App to send over all my Apps to my New Motorola phone but it wouldn’t do it and kept showing the error message you see in the attachments for this.

Sorry, for taking up valuable thread space for my petty issue, but thought someone out there would happen to know a quick fix.

I don’t think that’s the way to use that feature.

However, if your Motorala phone is not totally bricked, you could use a backup app (such as to save your apps and data, then move your backup to your new phone, and use the same app to restore your backup.

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mmm, I see.
Great of you to clear that up for me, and to any other ignorant soul that may have tried the same.

I will try out your link to that app later on today after work, and hopefully with successful results.
Speaking of apps, and not trying to hack this thread, but would you happen to know where I could look around here to find someone willing to program an app i.e. a Coder for Hire?

I’m not a programmer, at least not of this kind, but really think we could reach more people to expand the FDroid platform if there was some kind of “FDRoid App Failure” Troubleshooter App, so that new and novel users, like my self, can extract any or all information needed to bring to a forum like this; where Sensais like yourself can choose to troubleshoot the App failure problem further for " a cup of coffee ".
I think the 2 main reasons the mass public are not aware of places like F Droid is due to ignorance & lack of support.
Ergo, a Troubleshooter App

Please note that restoring a backed up app (and data) may not 100% work out of the box (some apps need to register with the system, or something like that).

If that happens, you can try this procedure:

  1. Uninstall the app.
  2. Restore the app WITHOUT DATA from your backup.
  3. Start the app. Optionnally, connect/login if applicable .
  4. Restore the app’s DATA only from your backup.
  5. Start the app again.

Keep in mind that this procedure isn’t 100% fail-proof either: some apps require specific data restoration procedures (such as Signal that requires to use the in-app backup tool to backup/restore your conversations).

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Sorry for the late reply, had to work this weekend.

Anyhow, I did download the app you linked above, but it looks like you were right about it not working right out of the box.
As soon as I try to open it (on either phone -original or newer) it pops up a " IntroActivityX Couldn’t get superuser permissions " message and only lets me click " Ok " and closes itself as soon as I click it.

Before I click " Ok " though, I get a glimpse of the Welcome page behind that IntroActivityX message and notice it says;

Now, on the functionality of our App:
*It requires root and allows you to back up individual apps and their data.
*Both backing up and restoring individual programs one-at-a-time and batch backup and restoration of multiple programs are supported.
*Restoring system apps should be possible without requiring reboot afterwards, but still we don’t advise to do it.
*Backups can be scheduled with no limit on the number of individual schedules and there is the possibility of creating unique custom lists.

So It looks like I have to root both phones to use this App; something I can not afford to do at the moment in case I Brick the phone (due to me being a larvae for all of this phone & computer OS meddling that’s happening these days).

I also tried your steps, I think, and still didn’t work.

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