Non-open source apps are allowed?

My name is Gustav Gonzalez and I am the developer of TupiTube. Some users are asking me to publish my app in the F-Droid repository because they just don’t want to use the Google Play store.

So, is it possible to serve the TupiTube app from your repository even when it is just freeware? Or is it against the policies of your website?

Thank you for your attention.

The default F-Droid repository is only for open source apps. So you can either make your app open source, or host your own repository, which users can add to F-Droid manually.

Ok, I will create my own repository then. Thank you for the info! :slight_smile:

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Your users can also get Yalp store from f-droid which allows downloading from Google Store.

Problem got solved in Sep '17.