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Just got two phones exactly same. First one is main one that I use for connection to phone service, other one is for watching videos on or to eventually use with a second number, never to be used with google play or any email address connected with the first phone. Call it a burner phone if you like. First phone had no problem downloading and accessing f-droid or its repositories. Then used the first phone as a wifi hotspot to try to download f-droid onto the second phone. Seems to load fine, as well as by tethering the phones by bluetooth, but either way, when I try to open f-droid, all I get is “no recent apps found”. How can this be resolved?

My suggestion would be to try: Go to Settings > Apps > Find F-droid > Force Stop

If that doesn’t work try restarting the device.

And if all else fails you could try clearing the app data though that should only be tried as a last resort

Connect to the network/data/wifi. Open F-Droid > Settings > Move the slider for mobile data and WiFi to the extreme right.
Wait for few minutes, as at times it may take sometime to refresh the index list. Else try to refresh manually by pulling down on the F-Droid screen from top.

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pull-to-refresh ?

Android version of the device? F-Droid Client version in Settings->About?

thank you folks fornthe suggestions. None helped, but I eventually did get it to work well enough for what I needed. Still not even sure how, though!:rofl:

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or go to settings, repositories, toggle F-Droid OFF, wait a bit, then toggle ON

make sure both Wi-Fi and mobile sliders are to the right, to Always