No Peertube clients for Android 4.4

There seems to be a few Peertube clients on F-Droid but none are compatible with Android 4.4.

I really prefer 4.4 for a number of reasons. Is it technically possible to have a Peertube client/app that works on 4.4 or is there some API that won’t work on it?

You can use Newpipe or Newpipe legacy which both work with peertube :slight_smile: You can subscribe to Peertube channels, browser Peertube instances… As it is also a youtube client, it combines youtube and peertube in the same app and the same subscription feed which is awesome !


Thanks Altons!

If there are any NewPipe devs on here. One word of advice if we may…

The app description for NewPipe (and NewPipe Legacy) doesn’t mention what it does do. It starts by saying what it doesn’t do. Starting with a negative is probably not ideal.

It goes without saying that the app description really needs to mention that subscription to and browsing of YouTube and Peertube channels is possible.

Thanks again @Altons!

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