"No matching configuration of project :react-native-reanimated was found. The consumer was configured to find a runtime of a component, as well as attribute 'com.android.build.api.attributes.BuildTypeAttr' with value 'release' but:"

Our new version of Podverse for F-Droid is blocked because of a build error in our Azure pipeline. Would anyone be able to help explain what this error message means, and how we can go about fixing it?


The error doesn’t happen locally, and I even tried creating a release version locally (without running it through the F-Droid release process), and it built fine.

I suppose the Podverse F-Droid build failure could be related to us updating our srclibs line for react-native-reanimated from 2.2.3 to 2.8.0 (last successfully built version here: podverse-fdroid/com.podverse.fdroid.yml at develop · podverse/podverse-fdroid · GitHub)

I have no idea how/why that could cause an issue though…

Here’s the F-Droid metafile for that version podverse-fdroid/com.podverse.fdroid.yml at develop · podverse/podverse-fdroid · GitHub

Out of desperation I could try downgrading from react-native-reanimated 2.8.0 back to 2.2.3, but I’m hoping we won’t need to get stuck on that old version of the library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No idea. But reanimated supports build from source since 2.5.0 so maybe we don’t need to build it separately.

So you can but you don’t need?

IIUC, yes. See Build from source by kkafar · Pull Request #2933 · software-mansion/react-native-reanimated · GitHub

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@Licaon_Kter @linsui ok so if we don’t need to build react-native-reanimated from source in our F-Droid build process anymore…I guess we can remove all the react-native-reanimated srclib and build stuff in here? podverse-fdroid/com.podverse.fdroid.yml at develop · podverse/podverse-fdroid · GitHub

Any help updating the file would be greatly appreciated.

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