No Apps in F-Droid app

So I just found out about F-Droid. I was super excited, was being the key here.

What a disaster the process has been. I’m a big support of digital privacy and of open source software. I go out of my way to use OSS whenever I can, even if it means less features or more work to get going.

I’ve never had an experience like this though. I want to be clear here, I know this much about F-Droid from about 30 mins of reading. It should allow me to download OSS apps for my phone.

So with that in mind I scanned the QR code, opened the link and waited, and waited, waited until it timed out. I couldn’t download the app with the QR code!
So I clicked the Download F-Droid link on my computer and the apk downloaded. So I entered the link in my phone’s browser and got the App installed.

Excitedly I launched the App and was presented with:

No recent app found
Once your list of apps has been updated the latest app should show here.


So I click on Categories and got “No categories to display”

I went back to Latest and swiped down
Got an updating repositories notice
waited and waited some more.
Then I got a message about not being able to download some file. The message vanished to quickly.

I tried a few times and got nothing. I search the forum and Google and didn’t find an answer. Eventually I got a list of Apps but is this what the F-Droid experience is like? Cause well it’s making me question whether I want this experience or not.

So the F-Droid client can’t download the app index…for some reason tied to your device/connection/etc…

What device? What Android version?

It eventually did download
I’m running Android 8.0.0 on a Samsung A5.

I guess I just wanted to share my first experience with F-Droid. Since I didn’t have my eyes glued to the screen when I first launched and missed the ‘Can’t download the app index’ message and the screen just said “No recent app found
Once your list of apps has been updated the latest app should show here.”
My immediate thought was the app was broken.

If I wasn’t so stubborn I’d have deleted it.

So this message was still true…the app was not broken…something (be it network glitch or anything) was afoul, not sure what can be fixed from F-Droid exactly (besides what i linked ofcourse).

Hope you enjoy everything else though. :slight_smile:

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