No apps available on new install of F-Droid

I just installed F-Droid on a brand new LG G7 ThinQ. It seemed to be working, and I successfully searched for and installed one app (Simple Flashlight). I went back to F-Droid to install more apps, but now F-Droid just says “No recent apps found”. If I press the search button, it says “No matching applications available,” no matter what I search for.

Where did all the apps go? How do I make F-Droid usable again? Thanks!

Try updating your repositories and make sure the update sliders for wifi and mobile data are not both on the very left (in the F-Droid settings).

Pull to refresh…

How do I do that?

Wi-Fi is on the right, and data is in the middle.

If still noting changes go to the F-Droid Settings -> Repositories and make sure at least the toggle for “F-Droid” is on.

Somehow it seems to have fixed itself, but I’m not sure why or how.

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