Night light apps make my touch screen unrespinsive

Anyone ever tried a night light app like Red Moon?
I did since my androids night light could never get opaque enough or even red for my tastes, having relied on f.lux on my desktop.

However, whenever I set Redmoons night light overlay on at all, I find that the touch screen is unresponsive except for the top where the icons are still purely white so I can drag the menu down, get back to the Red Moon app and turn it off then my touch screen works as normal.

Anyone else had that problem?

P.S. I haven’t tried Monochromatic which needs the phone to be connected to a PC and input with a command to make it work. Has anyone tried it?


Any app that attempts to overlay other apps needs permission to do so by the system, and even then apps can still choose to reject other apps from overlaying them.

Android 9.0 and higher features a night light mode built-in, as does any CyanogenMod or LineageOS based ROM.


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