Next language(s) to launch on

I want to start planning to launch more languages on https:/, since we have a lot of translator activity. The server infrastructure can’t yet handle as many languages as we have translations, so we have to be selective still. I’m thinking that we should choose languages based on how many speakers there are and how likely they are to speak other languages that we already have. For example, Islandic is complete but has less than 1 million speakers and they mostly speak English also.

@ButterflyOfFire Arabic is pretty close to read, mostly the pages need to be completed.

Other likely candidates I see are:

  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Romanian

@Licaon_Kter @ditokp @lartial


When you added Chinese language two times and Tibetan language not updated for year you were not so selective. Please add the only international language Esperanto.

Text-resources “website”, “website pages” and “website tutorials” are fully translated ( Even some descriptions of apps are translated:

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Sounds very reasonable. Glad to see more translations becoming ready for release.

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Unfortunately, Arabic, Indonesian, Romanian, and Japanese still don’t have Pages 100% translated. I would launch Polish now, but someone needs to figure out how to fix

And Apache config experts that could work it through with me in a realtime session?

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@uniqx fixed the webserver setup for Polish, please test on and let us know if it is working. Then we can launch it on the official site.


I would have expressed my bias and stated that Bengali with 270million+ people, if it were not for the extremely low amount of f-droid users from Bengali users : (

I would happily launch Bengali on the website once it hits the required
translation levels! Looks like it still needs quite a bit of work:

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There are some required components that are not complete, you can see the
overview here:

The requirements are here:

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Also, don’t forget to review the failing checks: