NewPipe update request

I do have their repo. One weird (probably) thing happened. I have both the repo turned ON. F-Droid build of 0.25.2 was installed. I did a check and it automatically updated to NewPipe build of 0.26.X. Not sure if both the keys are same or different, cause it can happen only if keys are same.

We ship both an F-Droid signed APK and a dev signed one: NewPipe | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository ( look at the first 2 descriptions)

/LE: F-Droid Client on first install will offer the developer signed APK.

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Hello MarkHenry! Yes, I have refreshed F-Droid’s repository and on Android 10, F-Droid 1.18.0 to this day shows no updates for NewPipe 0.25.2

I know how to update NewPipe manually. I was just signalling this weird F-Droid behaviour to the community and the developers :wink:

Hopefully it will be fixed?

It’s up to the NewPipe team now: F-Droid can't build · Issue #10746 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

Any update on F-Droid Newpipe update to 26.X?

Still no update from NewPipe

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It has been month since newpipe had been updated on github but not in fdroid repo.

Hmm… F-Droid 1.18.0 (on Android 10) still does not show NewPipe 0.26.1

Just flagging this for attention in case anyone can sort it out :slight_smile:

click the link above, how can it be shown if it can’t be built? @lets-go :slight_smile:

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Have anyone understand the reason that there isn’t any update for NewPipe 0.26.1 on F-droid??
It has to do with Newpipe or with F-droid?


The explanation is near the top of this topic if you would care to read it. In summary, it takes time for updates to appear.


Newpipe is no longer updated in fddroid
What is the issue

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you posted the link to the answer F-Droid can't build · Issue #10746 · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · GitHub

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