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im getting way less relevant search results from Newpipe than from YT website on same request. Anybody has experienced this? The only way to fix i figured is search in browser, and then open that exact video in Newpipe, which cant be right:)

Also where is the sorting by upload date/views?

Got it, thx

Hi, maybe it’s the other way around? YT website results are better for you because YT keeps a profile of your activity and goes on in refining/tuning the tailored/personalized results, instead NP simply gives you kind of “neutral/general/universal” results?

Just a thought, not sure. Kind regards!

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New pipe likely gets what ever Youtube will give it, not to familiar with how Newpipe would filter search resualts but i’d assume that New pipe would do their best to keep everything neutral.

Or it might just be that you hadn’t used newpipe enough yet for them (Youtube) to beable to find what you might want right away on that app. Could also be that you aren’t signed in your Google account.

As you can see there could be different reasons why resualts are different from one variation of Youtube to another.


Well the issue here is that newpipe’s results are a lot less relevant than browser’s. Newpipe - tor proxied, browser - tor browser itself, not logged in to youtube in both. So I assume it has to do with newpipe itself.
Nobody ever noticed? Can someone just test and lmk?

I personally just use Newpipe to keep up with specific channels subscriptions without an account, and maybe to listen to the latest Youtube videos. I don’t usually search anything.

If you want the best of Youtube, use Youtube. Don’t like Youtube, but you still want Youtube, idk what to tell you. You could try other 3rd party Youtube apps to see if resualts improve.

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