Newpipe only background

I am having issues with a few videos that i am trying to play. when i load the video, all i see is the loading icon over and over. i’ve let this load for hours and nothing ever plays. when this happens, i am unable to download the video, i repeatedly get a download error.
however, the video will play in background or in the popup, and even if i minimize newpipe (if i hit the home button to switch apps) but never in the main screen.

my version is 0.21.10, and this also happened in 0.21.09.

i have tried clearing my cache and even forced stop the app but that did not help. my android version is 7.1.1.

anybody else have this issue?

Force stop and delete cache.

Thank you, but in my original post i stated that this was already tried and did not fix the issue.

Check any vpns and firewalls you may have installed, try disabling them to see if that fixes the issue.

There are two different net guard apps on the f-droid store, try both and see if the other works for you.

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