NewPipe Legacy Updates

I’ve been using NewPipe Legacy for about a year because NewPipe didn’t work on my smartphone. Therefore I switched from NewPipe to NewPipe Legacy.

In the meantime there are some bugs (and new problems are added daily) that I think they should be fixed, but there are no new updates coming since 10/31/20.

Can someone tell me please is NP Legacy still being developed or is it better to look for a new YouTube app that works on my smartphone?

Thank you in advance!


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I think you should switch back to Newpipe, it works well right now and last update was 08/08/2021


NewPipe doesn’t work anymore on my smartphone. It crashed when I updated the app about 12 months ago.
My support request on GitHub has been never replied, so I must use now the working alternative: NewPipe Legacy.

Try installing it again, there have been lots of optimizations implemented

Please refresh the app listing in F-Droid app, and then update Newpipe, it works well right now and the app is constantly updated.

I know that NewPipe works well because I use it on other devices. But on my smartphone only NewPipe Legacy works because installing NewPipe brings an error message no matter when and no matter how many times I tried.

The error message is very meaningful:
“Error while installing NewPipe
Installation failed due to an unknown error”

Any solutions? :disappointed:

What version of android is running on the smartphone? If it’s lower than 4.4 you have to install the legacy version (which supports android versions from 4.1).

However, not being a support forum for newpipe to get an answer you should check directly the issues in the github repository of newpipe legacy (Issues - TeamNewPipe/NewPipe-legacy - and see if your problem has already been reported in case it has not been reported you can report it by opening an issue and providing as many details as possible.

Version 10.

Android 10 should be supported by the “standard” version of newpipe so I suggest to check the issues (Issues - TeamNewPipe/NewPipe - and eventually open one to report the problem.

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I realize this is probably not the issue, but just to be sure check to see if your device is running low on available internal storage space. When I try to install an app and it fails because I’m out of free space Android simply says “App not installed.”

Thank you, but this is not the problem. :blush:

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