[newbie question!] Switching to F-droid

Hello, and thank you in advance for your support! I’m new to the community so please bare with me. I am taking steps to reinforce my online privacy and switching to open source apps one day at a time. My question is:

Say I downloaded Telegram from the Google play store, then after some time I discovered F-droid. Can I just start downloading updates of Telegram from FD or do I have to uninstall Telegram, then download it from FD? because I really don’t want to go through all the settings again. I want to know if there’s any slight impact on privacy/security for both options.

My last question is about the unofficial client for FDroid called Foxy Droid, can I use it instead? It looks pleasant and smooth. What do you guys think?

Nope, it’s built and signed by someone else.

Yes, it’s a “security feature”

N o, you must like the official one, and praise its UI/UX

Jokes aside, yes, use whatever you want, Foxy Droid, G-Droid, Aurora Droid etc

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Backup the app data, then uninstall, install the app from F-Droid and restore the app data.
You can use OAndBackupX for that. In Izzy’s repo there is already the new v2 version.