Newbie needs help with "operation not permitted"

Hello all,

I’m very new to Termux and very much appreciate its capabilities!

Using Android 10 tablet I’ve installed both Termux and Termux:Tasker from Google Play to use with DroidScrips following their tutorial, however I quickly find out the the Turmex version from Google Play is limited compared to F-Droid’s, so I’ve uninstalled both Termux and the plugin and installed F-droid’s Termux APK and plugin instead; I’ve set Storage allowed under App permissions, and I’ve also executed:


Following DroidScrips tutorial, executed:

mkdir -p .termux /sdcard/termux/scripts

However I get an error when trying to execute the next command:

ln -s /sdcard/termux/scripts .termux/tasker 
ln: failed to create symbolic link '.termux/tasker/scripts': operation not permitted

Thank you in advance!

Maybe help is at Microsoft’s github, termux issues:

thanks for the link, i’m looking there as well.

do you have root, or do you have write permissions in the folder where you want to place the link?
check if the folder doesn’t already exist and has different rights.
check the folders with ‘ls -l <folder_path>‘ to see the permissions, then post them here for further instructions.

@ecxod, thank you for reaching out!

I’m not rooted.

currently I have the following state:

from both DroidScript and Termux I can Read/Write to the same folder, from DroidScript the path is:


and from Termux:


checking permission from Termux:

ls -ld ~/storage/shared/test
drwxrwx--- 2 root everybody 3488 Oct 31 09:42 /data/data/com. termux/files/home/storage/shared/test

Thx again!

I also question if that tutorial is official. This linked from official site doesn’t say anything about linking…

If in doubt use official comm channels.

sorry but not this folder I ment …
when you stated :
mkdir -p .termux /sdcard/termux/scripts
you created the two folders .termux in your home folder and /sdcard/termux/scripts

the only plausible possibility for your error message is that for some reason the folder /sdcard/termux/scripts already existed at that time and was created and had the rights of a user other than yours, or your user has no rights there.

Then you tried to create a symlink with the name “tasker” in the folder .termux in your home, and this was denied, indicating that you don’t have permissions in the /sdcard/termux/scripts folder. The creation of the symlink is thus forbidden

So we are not interested in
ls -ld ~/storage/shared/test
but in
ls -ld /sdcard/termux/scripts

and your user as comparison either :
ls -ld .termux

please try one more time

thank you for your detailed reply and sorry for misinformed …

ls -ld /sdcard/termux/scripts
drwxrwx--- 2 root everybody 3488 Oct 31 15:58 /sdcard/termux/scripts

ls -ld .termux
drwx------ 2 u0_a163 u0_a163 3488 Oct 31 04:34 .termux


the tutorial i was following is the official tutorial from DroidScript, not termux; hopefully, with your support, it will be updated to a working walkthrough.

Now I start to understand. DroidScript is a proprietary product, from Gplay etc.?

Just noticed tutorial says

Note: This function is a premium feature. Please consider subscribing to Premium to use this feature and support DroidScript in its further development.

Did you subscribe for the premium feature?

Maybe there is a better, more free software way. “pkg search javascript” in termux gives a few options.

@justsomeguy, thank you for looking further into this!

I am a premium subscriber, DroidScript allows to create quick GUI APK files with ease, I’d rather find a working solution than look in other options.

Seems you’re on the right track getting premium support at Dscripts Ggroups and support email. Do let us know the solution if any.

so far, no luck from that front… but I’ll update all channels I’m trying once I’ll have any progress.

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