New York City Subway App/Map

I find myself in New York City without a subway map on my phone. To my surprise, I cannot find one on F-Droid. Guessing it’s copyright issues. I can’t install the ones on play store since I have not accepted “the mark of the Beast”. I run Graphene OS on my (ironically) Pixel 6. Any suggestions?

I the same vein… I get a subscription to Netflix with my cell service but the play store app requires that I have Google frameworks installed. Am I being too paranoid? Any suggestions?


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Netflix says it needs Google Play Services but it will operate just fine without it. You only need to turn off the harassment messages from notifications complaining that you don’t have Google Play Services.

Pretty certain OsmAnd would have it in the NY map, and there may be a NYC-only map. You’ll need to “turn on” transit routes/stops in settings. Obviously, GPS location won’t work underground, so navigate to your station up top. :laughing:

I’ll track down a Netflix apk and give it a try. Thanks for the reply.

I have OsmAnd installed. I’ll try looking for the subway feature. Thanks.

It works. Hit the search (upper left) for Subway Entrances, and hit display on map. Bingo. The M’s are Metro/Subway entrances. If you click them, you even get schedule and route info. PS. Say Hi to Calyx Institute for me! :laughing:

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