New versions of apps

I created my custom fdroidserver and I am putting inside of /repo my apps but if I to want updating my app should I overwrite my .apk or can I put my .apk in another local?
Or better, Is the best practices to save my .apk inside fdroid/repo? Or there is another local to saves it?

The general way to do it is to copy new APKs to repo/ in your local copy of your repo, then run fdroid update && fdroid server update. Locally, you just need a subfolder called repo/. When you publish to your server (e.g. fdroid server update), then that should end up in a folder on your webserver that is fdroid/repo/ so that your URL looks something like Having that pattern fdroid/repo at the end tells Android that the URL points to an F-Droid repo. Then Android will give F-Droid as an option when the user clicks on a URL like that.

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