New User of Repo's Need To Know

For those just starting out & needing to Know…Open the client, select “manage repositories” from the overflow menu and then add the repo URL. Just opening the url on a device that has F-Droid installed should work in most cases as well. The F-Droid project is not responsible for any third party repositories,
So where do you find these? This is a list of repositories that are compatible with the F-Droid client application (*NOTE it’s like a Starter-List for those just starting out) : Known Repositories

Now if you happen to follow those & STILL GET a red message about the Repo being “UNSIGNED” so far the more experienced say to Uninstall the repo & reinstall. TRY the repo 1st before doing the entire app!!
Doing a Update by refreshing through pulling down from the top is supposed to fix these issues. Android 8.0 with F-Droid 1.7.1 installed has not yet resolved this issue on my Android tv box, but there are other’s who have had it work…

Gitlab & the News tab from the Main site can give more links to more advanced repositories if your in search

Which repo has issues?

My last check on F-Droid after my posting, gives the following as being “unverified” or “unsigned” despite regularly refreshing:


Somehow 2 were deleted or something like that between checking for all green & going to refresh screen…

Get BlueMail for Android

These are not repos…just web pages

Are these the addresses of the repos?

These are the repo links:

I have noticed that every time I add a new repo it’s written that it’s unsigned but if you press the repo and doubble click anywhere on the repo text, that appearce, the unsigned text will dissapear.

Read that in the forum’s somewhere else. Unfortunately it seems like it is a per user workaround. If I find out that the repo was working I wouldn’t mind it sitting in the library with that description myself

Get BlueMail for Android

Why are you even using Bluemail if your are interested in open source privacy oriented apps?

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I don’t get why I should switch mail? I only use fully-encrypted FOSS mail.

Thats not the user advice, that just their closed-source-mail-copying-on-server mail signature :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ahh, okay. That explained why the suggestion sounded so stupid in the context.

And to give you some context to the comment by @Licaon_Kter – Bluemail was caught stealing passwords, see this article (German) by security expert Mike Kuketz (btw: same was reported for e.g. Outlook, myMail, TypeApp mail – all from GPlay). I’d rather recommend switching to FairEmail or K-9 Mail (both available at F-Droid).

I don’t think there’s any mail that’s better & securer than Tutanota.

Both Tutanota and Protonmail have the same issues.

FairEmail or K-9 Mail with OpenKeychain can do the same, while being IMAP compatible still.

Protonmail is no surprise, but do you have any reference to that Tutanota has the same problem?
Why does F-Droid have Tutanota in their repo if that’s true? Shouldn’t F-droid ban all such e-mail apps from their repo?

No, it’s up to the user to understand.

Hope Protonmail publishes their app sourcode…they keep promising it for the last 4 (!!!) years.

By the same problem I meant the whole “you need a special app in order to use PGP” , or you need a special bridge that does MITM (lol true) so you can use other clients.

Both have this, also by the nature of using their web/apps you’re kinda trusting them even more to do the right thing, compare that to IMAP+PGP where the email hosting server can only see encrypted data and can’t do anything.

Just wait it out. It takes some time to update, and or just close and reopen the app. Anyhow, if any repo has some signature missing, or no longer maintained, those may show either unsigned, and or the index would not update, and will present themselves with RED color.

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