New updates of jockey music player or you know better player?

Hi is there a newer version of jockey music player and where can i get the link to add to the f-droid repo or do you know a better music player?

No, there is no new versions. There are lots of music players in F-Droid.

I did find a new version and this is the link:

The latest version in the link is 3.0 RC but on the playstore there is version 2.2

Well, I didn’t notice that it’s not in the main repo. So what do you want? You can download 3.0 RC3 from github or Izzy’s repo. If you want to have it on playstore please open an issue upstream.

It can be good that if it is in the main repo maybe someone search for that music player

See . Looks like it’s unmaintained. So we have nothing to do here.

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