New update breaks text display under icons

I use Xiaomi 10T Pro and after runing the update (published 4 days ago) from F-Droid, no text is displayed under the icons of apps in F-Droid.

I had to reinstall F-Droid from the old .apk.

The F-Droid app allows you to do a rollback, you just go to the app and at the bottom are versions and you just choose an older version. I may be old fashioned but what reason is there to update something if it works perfectly? Sometimes it also helps to delete the data in Settings >> Apps >> F-Droid >> Storage.

Not really… it can try to do one but Android won’t allow it, downgrades are not allowed.


Can confirm. No downgrades are allow on Android. That’s the SECOND bug.

Because of the first bug, you can’t even see the version numbers under “Versions”, just an empty list.

Do attach a screenshot of the bug.

Here are the pictures of the bug. The language is Slovenian.

That’s 1.13.1?

Does system wide Dark mode help? F-Droid Settings Dark mode w/ or w/o Black background?

Does Developer mode Force dark mode help?

Yes, it’s 1.13.1. The new 1.14-alpha0 also has the bug. The text is white on white background, so it can’t be seen.

Who thought it would be a good idea to set text to white?

You realize this is a bug on your device only, right?

I’ve asked more questions, pls answer.

Setting to “Dark mode” in the app or system-wide helps, but I’ve outlived my metalhead phase.

Dark mode is good for battery saving.

The text worked fine in previous versions of F-Droid on my device. Why not just revert the change?

Because this looks more like a ROM issue since it happens only on… yours?!

It’s not a ROM issue, it’s a THEME issue. It happens on the Stock UI theme of the latest version of Android of the BIGGEST smart phone manufacturer in the world, not some obscure device.

Every piece of software has bugs, even MIUI, been there, switched to an AOSP based ROM :slight_smile:

Anyway, so that’s MiUI on Android 10, right?


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I have MIUI, Android 11.

I use the new F-Droid 1.14-alpha0 on my OnePlus 7T without problems.

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Still an issue with 1.14 final?