New UI / UX [ TV ONLY - DISCUSSION ] (TV layout, keyboard, d-pad...)


Very long item menu are now supported: text will be split on several lines avoiding that some buttons are over the content.


Merge created but 1 blocking issue to solve.

Actually, I can’t do more.


The UI is looking good! I know nothing about Android TV nor do I have a device, so I can’t really comment much on that part of the code. My main concern is that adding TV support does not add to the maintenance load of the main app. We are not really keeping there already, so we cannot afford to do anything that would slow down maintenance work any.

I’m currently working on supporting “full” and “basic” build flavors. Perhaps it makes sense to also have a “leanback” build flavor. Then the TV/Leanback code can be nicely isolated and won’t affect the mainline “full” flavor.


@hotlittlewhitedog Great work. I do have a question, how are you distinguishing Android TV verse standard Android? I use XMBCLauncher on my nVidia Sheild TV and my concern is that if these features rely on the leanback launcher that myself or anyone who replaces their launcher will miss out.

Kind of related, I added a note about Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner in What types of apps are you missing from the FOSS ecosystem?. If it were open sourced or rewritten, it would probably alleviate a lot of the headaches of trying to make these F-Droid changes compatible for every possible controller for Android TV.


Hans, please check my comments in the merge.
The code didn’t change too much, and it’s working like the actual F-Droid.
Don’t forget that keyboard could be used not only for TV.
My adaptations supports keyboard, D-Pad, TV or not, Set-top box, Tablets, Phones.
This should work in a lot of situations.
Just one blocking issue.
If you want to simplify and make only 1 activity, OK, let’s do it but check how I did.


Hi Thrilleratplay, what is the Kodi remaper you talked about ?


The app is called “Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner” and list under Kodi’s Helpful Applications for Android but not directly related to Kodi. The reason I bring it up is this solves a number of headaches on Android TV devices when using a variety of remotes and joysticks. A common problem is some remotes will map their select button as DPAD center while others map DPAD enter, many applications listen for both but not all do. To prevent supporting every odd controller mapping in Fdroid, I was suggesting a have an app that lets the user change it if they need or want to.


Until,, and other bugs in the core functionality are fixed, I think its irresponsible to increase the maintenance load of the main fdroidclient repo. Any time I spend reviewing non-essential functionality would be time away .


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