New UI / UX [ TV ONLY - DISCUSSION ] (TV layout, keyboard, d-pad...)


I can’t find a Image Viewer for AndroidTV in F-Droid. All I tried are Non-TV apps.

Is there something?

I was searching for one myself. I did see one, but forgot to install. I will find and share with you, if it works. On your note, yup, almost none work as such, since Android TV does not have the functionality or something like that. I dont recall quiet myself, but something on those lines.

There you go:
Official Site (it is non-https):

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thank you very much.

But I can’t find the source code. Can you link it?

I too cannot find it. But that is the only one other than SimpleGallery which work. None other work.

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In SimpleGallery I can’t choose USB Stick as source. It only shows internal filesystem.

I prefer open source

Yup, I agree. As I said, I could not find any which actually works. I will keep looking, and if I find any, will share with you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Sorry: How-To use a mouse on a TV / Setup-box?

Merged more threads in this bigger one, yes the post dates look odd but meh :slight_smile:


Usually it needs BT support on the TV (either integrated or via BT USB stick), so see TV manual?

In the LG TV manual there is written you can attach standard USB Mouse. But it’s not working, also not on Android TV box.

So I will buy a “Microsoft Wireless All-in-One Media Keyboard”, because it’s working (seen on forums) with LG TV and Android TV

For LG TV, try any Lenovo mouse. It works on my sisters LG TV. Also, you can use the keypad option in the LG Remote to use the cursor. Should be something showing a mouse icon.

Just to be sure: the mentioned issues are closed and @hotlittlewhitedog removed him-/herself from the MR.

Furthermore people seem to open duplicated issues for Android TV support (such as 1767 or 2050) and others are subscribing and plus-oneing them as well.

Would it make sense to mark these issues as duplicates and maybe update the main one with the current state?

I understand it if nobody wants to implement it due to a lack of time or something like that but people are full of hope since a few years and maybe it would help psychologically to clarify the current state. :wink:

The only barrier preventing an F-Droid for TV fork is someone doing the work.
Then if someone wants to do the harder work of getting that all merged in to the
official fdroidclient, that can still happen.

I imagine an Android dev could take that merged request and put it into a fork,
and get it published on in no more than a day of work.


I want to forget google play completely and f-droid instead.

I installed and used an app called ‘downloader’ from the google play store.
The only one I ever want to get from there.
It asked for an address to download from.
I gave it which is in the download page.
It installed.
Is is not anywhere in apps after I installed & allowed permissions.

How is this remedied/installed?

Is there another way to install f-droid?


It is a Blaupunkt 50" UHD Android 9 TV.

You need some sort of a launcher too, not sure which.

You have to sideload.

Read my tuto on it, just replace my app (Bible app) by your apps.

A link would be good.
What do you mean by sideload?
I am not an expert on android.
Do you have a link to this tutorial?
I just need to able to find & launch f-droid.

The url to gitlab above

i have this device