New Triple T Version Metadata not supported

According to it should be possible to provide screenshots, the description, … as Triple T data. The structure has changed with version 2 of triple t. The current one is described at But it does not work, e.g. with where the F-Droid-App shows no description for me.

Is this already known? Where should I open an issue?

Based on it should be ok

I checked it with a clean F-Droid installation and in this case the metadata does not show up (the screenshots do, but not the description and the summary). The linked issue refers to a merge request with the correct filenames (same as the filenames used for NotificationLog), but for some reason which I don’t understand it does not work.

I think Triple-T version 2 is at best not well tested. If it is not working for you, please file an issue on fdroidserver.