New Request of Qwant Maps app

Qwant Maps will be useful for people are not willing to use Google Maps. I am not a developer but I know it is possible to make an app from the website. I wish there is a Qwant Maps just like OpenMultiMaps (Display maps with OpenStreetMap) -

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I just had a quick look.

There is a Qwant Mobile App (Version 4.0.4; last update March 2021) and it even used to be open source. But the repo for that hasn’t gotten any updates for 5 years (Version 2.1.1b). Looks to me like they went closed source on that one. (Not sure whether that app even includes maps, now that I think of it…)

I don’t find any Qwant Maps specific project out there. So I (as an outsider) don’t think you’ll be finding Qwant Maps in F-Droid any time soon and I am afraid you are stuck with the browser version for now.

You could use WebApps to create a sandboxed version that might feel a little bit more like an app. But that’s just a browser too.

Of course there is a bunch of OpenStreetMap apps that you could use.


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