New "privacy" phone?

Open to opinions, factual or otherwise.

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I remember hearing something about this. And take what I say with a grain of salt cause I may very well be wrong

Both the OS and apps are proprietary and not open source which impacts trust value heavily.

The main person behind it is not credible in the slightest for protecting user data and (if i remember correctly) was responsible for the creation of some pretty nasty spyware

These two negatives definitely do not make a positive.

Also something to consider. One of the blocklists I use (1hosts xtra) has the site blocked. Considering it’s only one blocklist you can take that with a grain of salt but just something to think about regardless

And my configuration breaks the site. Most sites if they truly value privacy, don’t have a bunch of questionable dependencies on other domains and are well made will not break. Like and for example :slightly_smiling_face:


Big no for a litany of reasons.

Their Anti-Virus is a GPL violating fork of my Hypatia and they even still download databases from my server: VirusTotal

See also the questionable apps they have: list of apps on the unplugged "app store" returned from /api/store/app?size=10000 · GitHub


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AFAIK they prefer talking to the people but are not afraid of further steps.


soo much privacy…


liked comment.

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This is a comment I was afraid I was going to see.

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So if I am understanding this screenshot correctly, it is showing the phone users address in it’s SMS messages?

Their “special messenger” is a hosted Matrix instance, when you search for contacts “it lists all their server users”