New NewPipe update: rearranging Bookmarked Playlists window?

hey guys, dumb me again, does anyone know is it possible to change the bookmarked playlists pop-up window back to alphabetical instead of the listing being as date created now when adding new videos to them?? I can’t seem to find that option if it exists in the new updated version 0.27.0… . . . and I have like h͟u͟n͟d͟r͟e͟d͟s͟ of Playlists, so scrolling back & forth to find the right one has become pretty annoying.

Thanks for your time,

ohhhhh, okay, so it’s an actual bug, I thought it might be like a new setting I couldn’t find in the update; wait for the bug to get ironed out, got it, thanks!