New Forum moderator

I’d like to add @redplanet to the forum moderation team.
Currently only @hans and me are moderators which means flags or posts by new users sometimes get stuck in the queue for multiple days.
Moderation will normally be approving posts and dealing with spam though sometimes more tricky things come up.


@redplanet is now a moderator on the forum.


Making this public :slight_smile: .

Additionally, as one of the most active members of the forum, @Licaon_Kter is now Trust Level 4 ( which means he’ll be able to perform some moderator tasks as well.


…so beware and stuff :slight_smile:

Congratulations :partying_face:

I’m a new noob. Show me how to get the points toward my profile that you wrote about. I’m playing catch up with an Oreo phone; in a word, it sux.

“Hey Bubu… do ya want a little picnic basket??” (Quote from an old Hanna Barbers cartoon in the USA)


‘Barbers’ was meant to be Barbera. Jeez, I need a better keyboard than the AOSP I use, but I had to disable Gboard. It’s a data sieve.

Congrats to everyone moving up in Trust Level. I’m new here, so my time to learn had just begun. I will do my best to do more reading than posting… LW

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I just added @Licaon_Kter as a moderator. I currently am only around here every few days and and thus flags remain unprocesses for multiple days, which isn’t great.

Moderation currently is 90% deleting spammers and 10% dealing with other requests like topic merging, topic reopening, etc.

@relan you are one of the most active forum users here as well, would you want to help out as a mod with the above tasks as well?


@relan is now a moderator as well.

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