New fork of Timber music app to make it available on F-droid again

I managed to update the source code of the f-droid branch on, in order to remove the non-free dependencies, but the pull request ( has not been considered and it’s still there to be merged, which is something that only the owner of the repo can do.
Since a few months have passed, I think a new FOSS version should be created in a new fork; I’d like to gather some info on how to that.

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Change the packageid in your fork and submit it as a new application metadata file to fdroid.

So I should change the name of the directory inside the source folder, and then the package id inside each file? Can this be maintained easily enough when there are changes in the upstream code base?

Maybe there is a simpler way?

You can change only applicationId in build.gradle.


please join the #fdroid IRC channel at FreeNode. There you can get all the help. Then don’t forget to git-tag so F-Droid would easily pick it up.

Best reagrds, Ildar.

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