New F-Droid Client 1.16 is really good

i find new fdroid is really good but something missing addition of repos with qr scan and some newer design like material uu or something like that just a better ui visually

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Some days ago I updated new f-droid alpha3 to release version and lost all added repos. Has anyone else experienced the same? I haven’t updated for rest of devices cause of that reason, those devices also have alpha 3 version.

I didn’t search are there more suitable thread for this. Assumed no cause only material ui thread was linked at previous post.

This was an issue in alpha0 or alpha1 but was fixed long ago, odd. :frowning:

Yep, that’s why alpha3 was first I installed cause saw here it’s already in good shape. Could it be that for some reason that issue just effects if updating from alpha to release version? Sure could have been just bad luck.

I might try with another device and before that, start logging just in case.

I’ve done this on 3-4 devices, no issue


There is a long standing issue where database is lost/reset after first download then fully close and open again, still reproducible on 1.16 stable.

What are the steps?

  • Install
  • Open, let it refresh the repos
  • Swipe away/close the app
  • Reboot phone to be sure it is out of cache without force stop to rule out corruption
  • Open, see no apps

Ok, will test

But this is not about “repos” but about “apps”, right? Different issue

Yes, just all apps gone.

I haven’t encountered the unrelated repo list reset bug on 1.16 stable like in earlier alphas.

Hmm… Now when thinking. It was on device hich just had got system upgrade. Really can’t remember which happened furst, but there really was apps gone situation too. I suppose that made me check repos which byvthen were also gone…

But now so many things which might effect + no clear memory. So I test bit later with other device. if erything ok, I test with third device which has alpha3 and if still all good, can’t get logs of issue… I suppose it was those other things which effected with device 1.

Ok I finally did test with 2 another devices, no problems whatsoever so no need to share logs either. It was system update on first device which was messing thing up on first device and that leaded to no apps & repos gone.

But like said, no problem with other devices & not f-droid problem after all.

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