Neo client and fdroid both think I'm running micro g?

Hey guys I’ve asked this question on here before but had no way of being able to show the person I was talking to the issue I was having because I deleted fdroid thinking I was hacked or something lol. Anyways I’ve re-downloaded it like right away and I’ve just ignored the issue but I’m generally curious if this is true. Fdroid and the neo client I use both think my phones google apps are all micro g apps?. I’ve never downloaded or even attempted to get micro g so I’m just confused and wondering if it’s just a bug or if it’s true cause I don’t know how I would know if my Samsung a53 that i bought brand new through straight wack i mean straight talk lol is running google apps or micro g. I can show anyone if they need or if anyone else has had this problem would love to know if my google apps are original or not. Thanks in advance for any input

MicroG and Google have the same package name, and thus it is picked up as such.

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