Neo Backup don't work with my Redmi Note 8 Pro?

Hi !

sorry I’m french.

But when I want to turn on this app, this message appear…

what I have to do to resolve this ?


The app needs your device to provide root access, or (superuser) su. eg. via Magisk or some other mechanism.

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but I don’t lose all my data if I root access my phone ?

This is something you should have setup before.

Yes, NOW you’ll lose you data.

No, you can’t use NeoBackup NOW.

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I d’ont understand… I lost all my data if I use Magisk ?
Because, you scribe “NOW”…
And no more later if I use NeoBackup.

I don’t know what I have to do…

Any tutorial on Internet ?

How to Install Magisk to Root or Customize your Android Phone ?

You can’t use Neo Backup now to backup your data.

You can backup files and export whatever data you can from the apps that have that.

If you want to get root, yes, you’ll do stuff… and that will DELETE ALL YOUR DATA, you’ll re-setup your device from scratch.

After that… then you can start to use Neo Backup.

Yes, see WARNINGs and “wipe all data” and all that

Better read on XDA forums about how to do it for your device.

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I think I will try to do it on a new phone… Because, I don’t want to lost all my data now…

Thanks !
Have a nice day.