Need Replacement for Google Play Services & Framework

I’d like to rely less on Google on my LG G5 LOS14.1. To that end I have blocked Google Play & Framework in AFWall+, but Google is freaking relentless. Despite every Google app blocked in AFWall+, Play still notifies me of updates.

Also while in the past with this setup accessing the Google Play app gave me a “you need to connect to the internet” error, since Play’s last auto-update Google Play now works despite being blocked!

My target is that the only Google app operating would be Maps, because too many apps depend upon that.

I tried freezing Google Play, but some of my apps opened with a warning or would not work right. I think I remember reading about a FOSS workaround that substitutes the requirements for Google Play and it’s awful Framework? Any help to free me from Google’s tyranny would be appreciated.

Yes, it’s called MicroG , currenly I can’t extend this post.
Here you can find implementation status


I use Google on phones sometimes. I just disable the play store, but if you disable services, your phone will throw a fit.

So I use IVPN on it. It has an anti google mode.

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