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Hi guys so quick question honestly really confused about this. So i dont have any third party apps from sketchy sites nothing like that i should start out with that for your better understanding. So about three maybe four days ago i downloaded fdroid. Im not new to it or anything i just had cleaned my phone of apps i didnt use much awhile back and decided i wanted to check the repos again see if there was anything that could help me do what i needed to. Anways i downloaded seal (amazing app by the way) i also downloaded app manager that helps gives root privileges for apps although i got it off of github at first but then fdroid updated it or reinstalled it for some reason idk. Moving on i ended up getting droidify and shizuku. Now after getting and using shizuku for the awesome android equalizer app i found on fdroid, and also using app manager in adb mode to just clear my phones cache and deny a few permissions in some system app i found being very intrusive to my privacy, I went back on droidify and was looking at the installed apps tab and noticed google play services and google play store where on there? I of course investigated a ljttle more and found that my play store and play services were running through micro g? I then downloaded an antivirus software off fdroid and the the antivirus literally had flagged every single system app i have as being malware?? So im just really questioning fdroid and everything right now. Another thing that freaked me out abit when i pulled down my quick menu from the top of my phone i saw a lil icon that is usually there when im casting my phone but this time it was orange i was able to investigate that a little more snd found my phone somehow being connected to a apple computer??? I rememember a long time ago on an old phone i had with fdroid installed i was having weird issues to but back then i had modded apps from a couple sites so i thought it was cause of that but now this happend on my new phone with absolutely no apps from sketch sites or anything. Ive only ever been using, for my 3rd party apps, apkmirror and github which are both supposed to be secure so im just at a loss for how my phone was being remotely accessed and how my play store was hacked and everything else. Upon finding out my phone was connected to an apple computer i immediatly factory reset my phone but now im not sure if i should use fdroid which is really shitty cause i found 3 of the most amazing apps that were everything ive been needing. If anyone can help me understand this or figure this out id really appreciate it thank you!


Not really… no.

False positives, that antivirus even says YOU SHOULD NOT scan system apps, right? False positives? · Issue #4 · projectmatris/antimalwareapp · GitHub

secure in what way?

No i didnt think to take a screen shot of the play store micro-g thing. I was trippin on thinking my phone was hacked and was ready to factory reset my device which i ended up doing. Also it wasnt just libra anti virus that scanned my systems apps as malware protectstar antivirus did as well which i got from the playstore. About my 3rd party apps from apkmirror and github i mean secure as in their both supposed to provide clean apks and i only added that to rule out it being from the few apps ive gotten from both of them. Besides all of that my phone was also being remotely accessed from an apple computer thats what solidified my wondering if i was hacked. Now im just trying to find out how i was.

Improbable…Just because it sees a device somewhere around does not mean you’re connected to it or that it does anything.

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Omg i feel so dumb i was at work when all this happened and my coworker does have an iphone so i wonder if thats why? Then again alot of people ive been around have iphones but that icon has never been there?
Sorry im horrible at punctuation im so used to just sending texts not caring about punctuating lol.

Anyways your idea on the device thing does make sense just weird how ive never seen that icon before. Also thank you for giving me the idea to start taking screenshots or whatever of things i cant explain and need help with. Ill for sure be doing that now.

I guess ill just move on and go about the use of fdroid and everything since i already factory reset. Next time if there is a next time, hopefully not though, ill def document everything. I just now got this idea as well, micro g i know is a service to help with youtube revanced. I wonder if the seal app uses micro-g as well. i was using seal alot to get music videos off my actual youtube premium account. So i wonder if thats why micro g embedded into my playstore ect.

Hey thanks for helping me think through this in starting to feel like i just factory reset my phone for no reason, damnit lol.

microG replaces some functionality that looks like Play and uses the same package name as Play (eh. when Aurora Store shows the list of apps maybe). That’s the whole point of microG, but if you don’t need it you can leave it alone.

Get a firewall like Netguard and set in settings, advance, Manage system apps, and Filter.

Block all apps (in settings), allow only those you need, etc

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Yeah, one of my friends also suggest me the F-droid, and I am also found 3 of the most amazing apps that were everything I’ve been needing. In few days ago I am finding for some apps that can help me in daily basis just like fitness related and schedule maintained, and as compare to other store I found the best fitness app in F-droid, So thank you for those amazing life changing apps.

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