Need apps for these use cases

You can share multiple files to Send Reduce and Imagepipe for sure.

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Maybe, but the main issue is it reduces and many a times the images distort. For me, it is a no go. However, as I stated, I prefer to use Scrambled EXIF, rather than any other app. :wink:

You can set as you please, recompress or resize or etc :slight_smile:

Thanks bro. Will check those links and will get back.
Bro as google play services are mandatory for banking apps to work, so if one logs out from a google account in phone. Disables playstore, gmail and every other google map, except gmaps because it seems that only they have satellite view and then enable google play services. So, in layman terms what info will it keep on sending back about a user? Their usage of apps? And will it even work if rest of the other google apps are disabled? Since playstore will be disabled so I am planning to get the banking apps apks from certain trusted third party sites or should I stick to a store like aurora?

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Let us get on a 121 here and not on this post. It will be better that way.

BTW, not mandatory to have foogle for any banking app till now & stick to Aurora, never go to 3rd party ones.

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How do I dm you? It says that your profile is hidden.

click on avatar - > MESSAGE ?

Getting this when I click there

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@Pharott @vdbhb59

Was testing shelter and insular in various devices. Shelter installed well and worked fine but there is no option, like island has, to destroy the whole work profile completely with one click. The only way that I could find was, uninstall shelter and later delete the work profile from settings. Isn’t shelter having an option to purge the work profile? When we delete the work profile which has say 10 apps installed from settings, then does it delete all apps first and then remove the work profile? Asking this as don’t want some files to cover space in phone although the work profile is deleted.

Coming to insular, in all phones it installed as island. Please note that I donwloaded the apk from fdroid only. When we click on create work profile the setup goes ahead as usual but no work profile is actually created. Nothing shows up in settings too. Now if you use shelter to create a new work profile, it will ask you to remove the old work profile which was never created in the first place. The only way out is to restart and then use shelter or island from play store to create a work profile. Is this a bug in the latesy version available on fdroid? Why does it install island instead of insular?

Where is the installed location of aurora store? Could find it in Android>data/obb folder. And it downloads apk, does it auto delete it after an app has been installed like fdroid or do we need to manually delete them?

You should send the feature request to upstream devs.

insular is a fork of island. It installes insular. Ask upstream to fix the app name. The selter from F-Droid has no difference from the play one.