NC passwords appears to contain tracking fir Facebook

Is it expected that apps that contain third party trackers would be available on. F-Droid?

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Which app “blocked”? What did it block exactly?

Picture of app details in F-Droid client to confirm that you’ve installed this app from F-Droid (expand Versions pls) ?

I don’t see anything related to Facebook: Pithus report for NC Passwords - de.jbservices.nc_passwords_app

But… when you login, does it open the webpage of that Nextcloud instance? Maybe that page has Facebook stuff in it…

What is this program called. What it shows.

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allow the app to open supported links:

Which program is the one in the picture? (not its info)

No, in F-Droid, go to NC passwords, scroll down, expand Versions

It’s DuckDuckGo specifically privacy protection option. It runs a fake VPN on your phone and blocks any requests from thirdparty apps requesting data for a number of known tracking servers. I’m unaware of a way to verify what particular data was requested. My understanding is they don’t actually verify that, just block the communication channel, they listb every type of days the given service is know to have requested in the past

Only for intial login, until you clear the saved password it doesn’t do that agaim

Can you install Netguard (disable DDG local VPN thing), settings, advanced, toggle filtering ON and Record access

Toggle Netguard ON

Start NC Pass, do whatever, make a screenshot of Netguard expand NC Password so we can see accessed servers

NC Passwords uses Favicons for the entries.

So it connects to every entry you have to download the icon. No tracker :slight_smile:

Interesting, might be, say if servers are from facebook…yes, they’ll be contacted.

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