Nagios style web server monitor for Android

Does anybody have a favourite app to monitory HTTP servers (i.e. to make sure they are up and responding appropriately). There is httpmon in F-Droid which I’ve tinkered with, and does a whole bunch of really quite nice things (e.g. checking HTTP status codes, looking for specific content in the response body). However there are some minor things about it as a result of it being unsupported for some years that make it difficult, specifically that the UI is difficult to navigate on a high-DPI device.

Half answering my own question, went looking for “Related” apps on the Play Store website and came across nock nock which is open source. Will try to build it soon and see if suits my needs / can be added to F-Droid.

I’m surprised that there’s no an up-to-date app on F-Droid for such a basic task.

Here is a recipe:
If you find it useful, we can push it to fdroiddata.

Here is a recipe:
If you find it useful, we can push it to fdroiddata.

Thanks @relan. I built it locally and installed, seems to work quite well. Upstream calls it “beta”, but it is the type of app I’d contribute to if I found bugs, so would be happy for that recipe to be in fdroiddata.

It has been running all day monitoring two of my web servers with no problems. That doesn’t prove it is no good though, so I stopped apache2 and sure enough it did alert me which means I’ll keep it installed now.

I actually did try importing to F-Droid first (as I want to get more familiar with what it is that you all do on that side of the fence). I can take comfort that I did notice the rhino dependency, and the fact that it is actually available in maven central. However I didn’t bother stripping it and instead just built locally to test the app.


OK, asked the author:

Will add if he doesn’t object.

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Added in

Thanks @relan. As always your contributions are very appreciated.