My pixel degoogle has been hacked

My pixel 3 degooglephone has apparently been hacked. Most apps in F-droid will not open or install will I have to reset the phone and reinstall everything ?
After I initially wrote this I received this message. Since the phone is already hacked I really don’t trust this message.
I automatically received this messsge. Is this normal.

What exactly makes you think that you have been hacked?

What ecactly is “this message” that you recrived?

Message "CaslyxOs update client
Update successfully installed please reboot the device to run the latest os release.

The reason I know it is hacked. Someone has made it where I can not add a vpn. It will not connect the name server. When I go into the development mode. Every thing to do with name servers is grayed
Most of the apps will not download.
Can not install any of f-droid apps.

From the official CalyxOS documentation:

The device automatically checks for, downloads and install updates.

A reboot is required to finish updating, you will get a notification for that.

I think that is what happend.

VPN not working and not being able to install Apps to me sounds like something that can happen when you are in the middle of an update.

I think you should just reboot your phone.

If you feel, you need more information, it would probably be best to get in touch with CalyxOS community.


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