My own build server

Hello to all.

I will make my own build server for making APK files. This will help understand why maybe some app is not on fdroid with latest version and also help making latest app to fdroid.

When searching i can find and this is detaild and good for me but is it fresh instruction or better looking at newer document for description?

I thank you in before.

The easiest way to start is running on a Debian (stretch or buster) baremetal box or KVM VM, then you can use this Ansible project to do the whole thing automatically:

This should probably work on Ubuntu LTS (18.04 or 20.04), but I don’t think its been tested there, also other Debian-derivatives too. It probably won’t work on other distros since it includes Debian-specific things

If you want a different setup, then I think the best approach is to read the docs, then read that Ansible project’s provision.yml file, and ask here when you get stuck.

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