My device is hacked

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before several apk ,setting,froid, icons.

Can you detail what the issue is? Some icons are messed up or what?

Seems he is trying to say: how come same apps are showing so many times and there are some unknown APKs as well. See the circles he has highlighted.
@SearchingAnswers check all apps in your device via settings > apps > all apps. Uninstall any unknown app.

the grouping might be a launcher feature

you could get more icons if you make shortcuts

I mean, there could be legit reasons to have those :slight_smile:

maybe @SearchingAnswers show us what’s in that F-Droid group?

I doubt it. Looking at the image, I can see 4 same icons in the settings itself and 2 same F-Droid icon.
However, agree, show us the images of what is inside each and hopefully we can help. But do follow what I suggested in my first response mate.

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