My antivirus flagged a f-droid app as a trojan!

I use LibreAV (LibreAV | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository) and malwarebytes on my phone.

LibreAV scanned my phone and said that all my apps were safe, including Chess Walk (Chess Walk | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository).

But a while ago, Malwarebytes detected Chess Walk as a virus!


Is this a false positive, or is this detection correct? If it is a virus, why did LibreAV not detect it, and why is Chess Walk still available on F-droid?

Thank you for your help.

An old app made by the founder of F-Droid, wow.

VirusTotal says it’s ok: VirusTotal

Antivirus rating :

Need to know at least :
Heuristic analysis


Need to read last news (example) :

and small offtop :
F-Droid ← →DIORd-f

@ignis TL;DR and?

if TL (Tape Library ?); DR (Data Recovery ?) →
false positives happens for Malwarebytes :


Most likely it’s a false positive, please submit it to MalwareBytes support and see what they say.


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