Multiple Android API versions per app

I am wondering if it can be possible to ship two versions on an app targeting different Android API versions in one listing. The client can then use the one that is the higher available version but still compatible to the device.

The reason for that is that the f-droid userbase is diverse and this creates competing requirements. On one hand one wants to have the lowest api possible to serve as many users as possible but on the other hand one wants newer version to get advantage of the features it offers.

An example of how this is handled at the moment is the newpipe app. There is the normal version and the legacy version.

Just putting this here to see if people would consider that a worthy addition to fdroid’s capabilities. It’s not a fully fledged proposal but I wanted to see what the community thinks about it before writing more about it.

You can build the same app with the same versionName, but different versionCode: one code for each version. See how Fennec or VLC do it.


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