Multi Language Keyboard?

Hi, I have tried many keyboards here but didn’t find any that would handle multiple languages as well as GBoard does.

What I am missing is that in GBoard if I have configured several languages I don’t have to switch between them (as long as they are based on one script eg Latin). If I start typing Italian, French German or English I will get suggestions in the correct language and mostly can choose the word with correct diacritics from the suggestions without having to painfully enter each letter with diacritics.

All keyboards that I have tried so far from F-Droid require me to explicitly switch the language.

Maybe there is some option with one of them to achieve similar behavior that I didn’t see?

Heliboard supports multiple languages at the same time.

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Not really, or maybe I didn’t find/enable the right option. I can configure any number of languages and switch between them but I have to switch every time. GBoard offers the “multilingual typing” and will recognize that I write something in Italian, English or French offering me corrections and hints in the right language.

I had a hard time finding it as well but you can edit one language and on that dialog select additional languages. For me, it only worked when I added German to English but not when I added English to German.

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Ok, works but is really not quite easy to figure out. :see_no_evil:

Apparently I can select any number of primary languages and add some secondary languages to each of them, probably limited to those with a similar keyboard layout.

Heliboard does seem nice compared to ASK. I had tried it way back, but that time it was too buggy. Seems graded now. :grinning:

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If anyone has advice how to do that with other keyboards I would try them all.