Mull Browser - Privacy Oriented Browser

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Would it be possible to implement the “force locale” -feature to the Mull browser? The same kind that the Tor Browser has.


Sorry for cluttering this thread with nonsense question. Thank you @SkewedZeppelin for the clarification.

Mull is not Tor Browser.

Is the mull browser more secure than iceraven browser? Also please tell why iceraven is not in f-droid.

Iceraven isn’t on F-Droid because it isn’t compiled from source and contains proprietary Google libraries: `` ends up in the build and pulls in other parts of the Google Play Services client library · Issue #463 · fork-maintainers/iceraven-browser · GitHub

Iceraven also changes few settings compared to vanilla Firefox.

My Mull on the other hand disables features that are a security risk and enables many privacy options by default.

See my Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

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Mull browser is turning on location permission without my knowledge. This keeps happening even after manually turning the permission off.I installed the browser from fdroid. (Android 12, Motorola device)

Apps can’t magically grant themself permissions.
This is an issue with your vendor OS, what version/device are you running?

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It has done that, not once but several times in the past 2 months. I’m using an A12 Motorola device. I don’t know what triggers it to automatically grand access (it doesn’t turn on the phone’s GPS, only app access). Sometimes I browse for a while, and when I check app permissions, the location access would be turned on. I’ve never received any pop-ups during browsing to allow location. And it doesn’t happen every time. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I’ve seen someone else post a similar experience on Reddit about Firefox Android (not mentioned which fork). I’m kind of losing trust in Mull. I’ve not installed any add-ons.

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Some Android versions will, for whatever reason, automatically grant location to the default browser.

Try installing another browser (eg. official Firefox), ensuring it has no location granted, then setting it as default browser, and see if it is granted automatically or not.

Also if you install Mull from, you’re installing a version directly compiled by them from source code.

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Mull is currently my default browser. I’ll change it to see if it helps. Thanks.

Спробуйте браузер Iceraven (sauna repo)-я думаю,що це буде набагато кращий варіантш,ніж Mull.Я з ним працюю вже пів року-і нема жодних проблем.

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Is that open source? IF so… why not in F-Droid? Hmmmm


The Mull browser is automatically granting Location access. (Android 12, Moto). When you clear Mull Browser storage (delete app data), somehow the app automatically grants Location access. This could possibly be a privacy threat for many. I have attached a gif as proof. This doesn’t happen with Fennec, OG Firefox and Firefox Nightly . Mull developers, please look into this issue.( Mull was not set as default browser while testing)

@SkewedZeppelin I have found the issue. Please look into this.

again, the issue here is your system

Mull and Fennec F-Droid are identical in this regard.

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Is there a way to move up or move down bookmarks and/or folders within the Mull browser? Please let me know.