Mpv + youtube-dl

Anyone tried to run it in termux?
mpv is in the termux repositories, I don’t know if this version has the yt-dl / yt-dlp integration hook that the desktop version has.
This requires a lot of space, python and its dependencies + yt-dlp + mpv and its dependencies.

Termux can play video like this? at least it would be useful for podcasts? (mpv --no-video)

I think it would be very cool to create an app integrating youtubedl-android(dvd) with mpv. And to be able to play “live” multimedia in RAM if possible.

It seems that it can’t play video but it can play audio with yt-dlp :grinning:
The problem is that it needs ~700MB of dependencies :face_exhaling:

It should be possible to do this in the mpv app with youtubedl-android, right?

I see mpv-android already did this, but is WIP and you need to do probably unsafe things

No idea how to stream either ongoing downloads or existing files from Termux directly (termux-open does not work for me), so I just batch downloads with yt-dlp in Termux beforehand and open files in VLC later using SAF.

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